Molteni decals sets for Merckx 70s, 80s replicas, Colnago early 70s Molteni Replica and Kessels therough the 70s

Kessels options. There are  many combinations of these depending upon  what year your frame is. Build these options together with decals from the Merckx Molteni set to a complete and correct refurbishment. The yellow / black DT decal is from a limited series. Contact me with your exact kit requirements as all decals are not supplied per kit....only what is needed for a correct restoration, I also have Reynolds tubing decals for that era if your frame is so equipped. The Dt decal is printed on chrome media and tthe TT decals have silver chrome printed behind wreath and gold metalic wreath.



Eddy Merckx Molteni set. Choice of headtube decals (see next picture) A or B depending upon whether it is an 80s frame (older Eddy and Belgian bands) or the younger Eddy with chrome bands for the 70s style.





These haed and seat tube decals have the 'newsprint' style photo and have chrome edges.





Colnago set for 1972 /73 factory replica. Headtube decals as per original are lineal as against photographic style of production. Seat bands are different to previous set .